Prioritising Mental Health in 2022

Prioritising Mental Health in 2022

This series was created in partnership with NAB Business Fit, a health and wellbeing program to help business owners.

Last year, Michael Klim celebrated 20 years since winning gold at the Sydney Olympics. It was one of many big wins during the Polish-born Australian swimmer’s career in the pool — all up, he collected six Olympic medals, broke multiple world records and collected the title of World Swimmer of the Year.

After an injury derailed his swimming career, Klim turned his focus on building a skincare range Milk & Co and a swimming school called Klim Swim, which he runs alongside his dad.

"Dad always was very business-minded," says Klim. "We came to Australia because my dad felt there was an opportunity for him. He was exporting wool out of Australia and exporting fabrics, and then he was also importing some European beers and vodkas. When I knew my swimming life was going to come to an end, we started building a swim school and investing some property."

Milk & Co was Klim's opportunity to create a brand of his own.

"Initially, to be honest, I thought it was going to be fashion. I thought I was going to be a bit of a fashionista! But I realised there was an opportunity in skin care because it was still at its infancy in Australia. There wasn't really anything out there that's designed by Aussie males for other Aussie males," Klim explains. "So, doing the research and everything, yeah, we took the plunge. Pardon the pun."

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