10 Quarantine Hacks

10 Quarantine Hacks

Quarantine. It's a crazy experience. Locked in a room for 14 days. I'm onto Quarantine #2 and both times have been so different.

Here are my top 10 quarantine hacks:

1. Re-arrange Your Room

Re-arrange your room. Do what suits you. Think of it as your cubby house for 14 days. The rooms are always set up in a short term arrangement. You can request extra furniture so do what's best for your stay.

2. Order snacks and water

You are allowed to order out so do that Woolworths or Harris Farm shop and get yourself some snacks.

3. Stock up on amenities

Hotel amenities are limited so stock up on amenities and skincare (obviously I pack my own). Here are few items I've found myself ordering again…vital life immune shots, Razor Blade, Vitamins, Bondi Protein protein powder, surface cleaner and Michelle ordered face masks, hair products and body wash... Get a fast turnaround with Chemist Warehouse.

4. Set aside fitness time

I ordered an exercise bike in Q1 and Q2 from my friends Core 9 Fitness. It was a lifesaver. If you don’t want to rent equipment you can get a great functional workout only using your body weight follow Matt Fox on IG for some home workout tips he’s got it covered. Movement is medicine so make sure you move daily.

5. Oil Diffuser

In Essence has been a blessing. I've had a rotation of Breathe (day) and Sleepy Time (night) as this helps with moisturiser in the air and nasty orders. 

Another hack, if you have a bathtub fill the tub up and leave it full all day...you can also leave the hot water running in the shower but you might end up setting the fire alarms off in the hotel...I may or may not know this from experience ;)

6. Download Tipple

Get the Tipple app. Self-explanatory and drink responsibly.

7. Set a work schedule

The food delivery comes 9am, 12pm and 6pm so it's easy to create a schedule around these hours to make sure you fit in work, exercise, rest and some creative time also.

8. Set aside creative time

Having some objectives and goals in quarantine helps get through long days i.e.  start a book, learn a new skill, finish that thing you have been meaning to do for a while, draw. It will certainly make the time go by quicker.

9. Find a TV series you can binge watch 

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon Prime), Ozark (Netflix), Peaky Blinders (Netflix), Westworld (Foxtel), Game Of Thrones (Foxtel).

10. Stay connected

It's important to reach out to friends and stay connected especially if you are doing this alone.